As President of Regan Scientific Instruments, manufacturer of the BOT 3000E tribometer, I would like to commend the No Slip NV team on its successful initiative to educate the public about the prevention of slip and fall accidents. In particular, your commitment to professional training and the use of consensus ANSI standards to help recognize, measure and eliminate pedestrian slip hazards cannot be praised enough. Regan Scientific has long advocated for the adoption in the United States of proven methods and technology employed in Europe to make walkways safer for all Americans. As a recognized leader in the field of traction enhancing floor treatments, No Slip NV’s endorsement of tribometry and standardized hazard measurements will go a long way in building public confidence in the effectiveness of these methods. Your approach to measuring slip hazards and using effective products to remove those hazards is very impressive and bodes well for your future success. We will take every appropriate opportunity to inform interested parties about the No Slip NV program and urge them to find out if the Sure Step solution is right for them. We look forward to working with you to get the word out.