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Floor / Bathtub Treatment

  • Indoors – outdoors – all kinds of weather
  • Will not chip, peel or discolor
  • Not a film or coating
  • Inexpensive and highly effective way to achieve non slip flooring
  • Service life – floors: minimum one year
  • Service life – bathtubs: up to 5 years.

SERVICE – BOT-3000E Tribometer Testing

Slip resistance testing on your company’s floors can detect problems so they can be solved before they cause an accident, and can help verify that there are no remaining problems. These monitoring slip tests are typically conducted quarterly, semiannually, or annually. However, various unrelated pedestrian factors such as hazardous shoes, intoxication, prescription and non-prescription drug use or irresponsible pedestrian behavior can still lead to claims and possibly litigation. This is where some of the unique features of the BOT-3000E digital floor tribometer (slip resistance tester) can be put to good use!

The BOT-3000E can conduct important slip resistance test protocols such as ANSI standards A137.1 and B101.3 (both for dynamic friction), and B101.1 (static friction). However, expert witnesses for the other side may present “evidence” that the floor was slippery even though your tests show it was not — and you know it was not. The BOT-3000E’s features can make your data nearly bulletproof.

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