About Us

Thanks for visiting us today.  Based in Las Vegas, Nevada, our company’s core value is entrenched in the belief that integrity and professionalism are synonymous with any successful venture. We have an unwavering dedication to the highest standards in our quest to provide the very best service and application available anywhere.


Our mission at No Slip NV© is to apply our no slip floor treatment to as many surfaces as possible in order to make our clients and their customers as safe as possible.

We want to eliminate slip and fall cases and ALL liability that comes along with them.

Knowing that our clients are getting the most economical solution and making their future or current floor meet the DCOF requirements is crucial.


When we first got involved with this revolutionary treatment our vision was to be able to provide designers/architects with a product that would allow them to design without limitations.

With over 30 years combined in the architectural/tile & stone industry the DCOF was a constant concern for our clients and what materials would meet code.